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Get aware before it hurts YOU

We analyze your site from a hacker’s point of view and provide a blueprint for remediation in order to start or enhance a comprehensive information protection strategy. Schedule a free consultation today.

How we address
application security flaws

Securitybulls checks your web application through manual approach, We checks for over hundreds of vulnerabilities, Including business logic flaws which can not be easily detected by vulnerability scanners.

How we find vulnerabilities exist in your infrastructure

New vulnerabilities are found everyday, That is why we recommend you let Securitybulls test your network by replicating real-world attacks by using the same techniques used by malicious hackers.


how can it help my business grow?

Through the “Penetration testing” , We take a deep insight into your business to see how vulnerable it is to hackers. It is way contrast then ordinary security assessments or compliance audits.

In order to generating revenue, there is engineering, marketing, R&D, general management, professional services, and yes, security. All these contribute to the revenue generation from customers who trust you and want to establish a business relationship with you. Your customers do business with you for verity of reasons , One of those reasons could be their belief that you have performed due diligence in regards to security issues. A secure enterprise can help generate businesses a good revenue as it work as a reputation enhancer, Could it connected with a revenue generation ? A small investment can safeguard you and here it help you get return on investment(ROI) by generating revenue.

We perform manual penetration testing. We find variety of security issues such as Injection attacks, Cross site scripting, session management flaws etc.

On conclusion of penetration testing, we produced advisory report regarding proof of concept, CVE vulnerabilities, Detailed remediation,Assets and data compromised during the assessment

Securitybulls found critical security issue in renowned software companies

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