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About us

Securitybulls is an information security firm offering an encyclopedic penetration testing & IT security assessment service for your organization. Securitybulls founded by the best team of security researchers. The company is located in center of India, Madhya Pradesh.

The mission of the securitybulls is to design, implement and maintain an information security program that protect the network, application and data against unauthorized use, modification, damage and loss.

Our approach

In today’s world of the internet all the big or small organization have their presence on the internet either in the form of web application or mobile application. As the business rapidly adopt new technologies for their business growth but, It comes with unpredictable risks that can have negative impact on business.

Securitybulls identify security vulnerabilities within your infrastructure with manual approach, We provide network and web application penetration testing, Blockchain security, IOT security to identify and mitigate the security risk found in your infrastructure which is not easily detect by vulnerability scanners.

Why Securitybulls?

Issues began in July when the U.K.-based startup discovered a vulnerability in version 1.5 of its wallet software, resulting in at least 150,000 ethers being stolen from user accounts.

Blockchain based venture capital, The DAO – an Ethereum Project, hacked for $60 million.

Our security expertise

Passionate & Dedicated about information security on both a professional and personal level, and they are excited to do research which helps our clients and the organizations to be secure.

Securitybulls research team members spend their time researching vulnerabilities in applications or network using variety of approaches.