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About us

Securitybulls is an information security firm offering an encyclopedic penetration testing & IT security assessment service for your organization. Securitybulls founded by the best team of security researchers. The company is located in center of India, Madhya Pradesh.

The mission of the securitybulls is to design, implement and maintain an information security program that protect the network, application and data against unauthorized use, modification, damage and loss.

Our approach

Securitybulls's expert team of penetration testers simulates a real-world attack on your networks, applications, gadgets, and additionally individuals to exhibit the level of security in your infrastructure and effectively work upon the ways to take it to the next level. The comprehensive process begins with the ground breaking Open source intel gathering(OSINT) & enumeration and taken up to the next phase with appropriate exploitation techniques. We believe that every company’s network and challenges are unique, so our security researchers prepare their methods and attack vectors for each engagement separately by analyzing it deeply.

Since we know the fact that the best way to stop attackers is to think and act like an attacker and so, securitybulls hires the offensive security certified experts & professionals who're well equipped with the latest attack vector and follow the similar method that an attacker follow. To be one step ahead from attackers, our testers devote most of their time to conducting research and contribute to the security community, presenting at conferences, developing and releasing open source testing tools, and writing popular Metasploit modules. Our primary approach is to focus understanding attackers mindset and the ways to defend against them.

Why Securitybulls?

Securitybulls is an India based award winning penetration testing & infrastructure security service provider company. Securitybulls has a decent brand image as we have begun couple of years back and achieved a good reputation in many parts of Asian/American/European market.

We know the fact that it's always burdensome for a client to chose the best and affordable organization and so, our team work closely with you to understand your business requirements, and come up with a standard strategy to protect your business from critical threats. Our services has been appreciated by top Financial/BFSI and healthcare businesses in many regions. Since our tag line referring that we analyze the digital assets from hacker's point of view and keep our self updated with the latest attack vectors. Our researchers are experienced and trained in advanced exploitation techniques utilized by malicious users that compromise networks, systems, and applications to access to sensitive data and critical resources. Securitybulls's engineers have great exposure and knowledge of multiple verticals such as automotive, Ecommerce, BFSI, Fintech, Industry 4.0, Blockchain, Transportation , Media and Healthcare.

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Our security expertise

Passionate & Dedicated about information security on both a professional and personal level, and they are excited to do research which helps our clients and the organizations to be secure.

Securitybulls research team members spend their time researching vulnerabilities in applications or network using variety of approaches.