Efficient and realistic approach that exceeds the limits of classical manual or automated penetration testing by using an hackers point of view.

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Securitybulls is one of the top 5 Cyber Security Startups curbing cyber threats in India

We hear much about information security these days including how important it is, how difficult it can be, how significantly a breach can impact a business and much more. Sometimes it can all seem a bit overwhelming or too challenging to achieve or, for many small businesses, far too expensive.

All business has information that is valued in many ways, recognizing and categorizing that value is important. From simple recipes to complex chemistries, all business relies in myriad ways on information. Any organisation can be the victim of an attack that breaches or damages the information we rely on. The threat may be internal or external, we are all potential targets. A good first step for all businesses is to view information and data in much the same way as other assets of the business

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Passionate & Dedicated about information security on both professional and personal level, and they are excited to do research which helps our clients and the organizations to be secure.

Securitybulls research team members spend their time researching vulnerabilities in digital assets using variety of approaches.


Top 5 Cybersecurity Startups To Curb Cyber Threats In India

Cyber security startups strengthening advanced tech to deal with cyberattacks

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